Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ilustratour with Martin Salisbury

and then after a year of correcting, editing and writing on my Masters, summer came...with lots and lots of free time for drawing, painting and thinking (unfortunately not as much time for blogging as I had hoped, ooops:).
In mid July, I attended Martin Salisbury's (my children's book illustration god basically) workshop at Ilustratour Valladolid.
It turned out to be one of the most intense weeks, the kind that leave you with a feeling of revolution.



Through the week, and now on my own through the summer I have been working on an Alphabet Book of a Curious kind.

Here are some slides and storyboards


  1. Wow Karishma!!!
    Me encanta, qué gran trabajo ;)


  2. Precioso Karishma!! ese alfabeto debería estar editado YA!! jajaja,

    Un fuerte abrazo!

  3. Gracias guapas!! A ver si lo termino pronto y pongo todo el alfabeto en el blog para que lo vereis! Ahora estoy en italia y empiezo el taller de Gabriel Pacheco mañana...ay que ganas! Besos a las dos xxx k

  4. This is gorgeous work, Karishma. Perhaps home is where you find your metier.

  5. Thank you so so much dear friend, hope you are well. Love and miss you xxxk

  6. qué chulo Karishma, lo ví en la exposición y me gustó mucho. Veo que ahora has estado con Gabriel Pacheco. ¡No paras!
    un abrazo, Adolfo