Thursday, June 23, 2011

Los Artistas del Hambre...

I have just recently finished my Masters in Publishing (in spanish!) at the Universidad de Autonoma Madrid.
Our coursework included publishing a book: an anthology of bohemian writers from Madrid around the end of the 19th & beginning on the 20th century. I was asked to illustrate the front covers of each section inside the book: the first is a section of articles written by the bohemians about the bohemia, the second is literary.

It all began with much research around the visuals of the time and resulted in these storyboards.

The final sketches were made in a greyscale
with collage elements

The published book was presented at the Madrid Book Fair on the 11th of June 2011, here's what it looks like!

and here's a sneak peek inside...

Music track "La boheme" by Charles Aznavour

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