Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have finally registered all my work today!! Which of course means I have loads of catching up to do with my posts!
I am currently working on my first illustrated picture book for children ages 5-7. I have yet to find a title, and strangely, I am writing it in Spanish (so that I can enter it to the Santiago Compostela Kalandraka contest in February
The first five drawing have already been entered to the Illustrator's Exhibition in Bologna...and in the meanwhile I' crossing fingers toes and elbows.
Here are some initial sketches.

The story came to me at the Asian Museum in San Francisco when the shape of an antique kimono struck me a phenomenal character waiting to be born.

The elongated sleeves made me think of a creature with stick arms, who longed to give hugs, but whose appearance scared away children and grown-ups alike. From then it became clearer that she was a scarecrow, but a scarecrow like no other...Her name, she told me, was to be Lady ScatterTea ScaredyCat. And she was the queen of the field, her moods reigned her flowerdom.
Unfortunately, she was more often than not in a foul mood- melancholic and sad. Lady ScatterTea had been stitched together from fabric scraps belonging to many many women, each with its own story to tell. She carried the weight of these stories within her everyday, but never had she lived her own adventure...

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