Thursday, October 1, 2009

and so it has been more than a few months, at least 25 plane rides, a couple trains, a bus or two, and one and a half illustrator's contests later...and here i am, unable to post anything vaguely new for fear of any weird contest exclusivity disclaimer i failed to read. having said that, once i finally figure out how to use creative commons and copyright my work, i think i'll just blow caution to the wind and begin posting!!! (any suggestions anyone??)

On a different note, for the moment, I have entered the Bologna Children's Illustrator's Exhibition and am working on Ilustrarte, an exhibition for children's illustration in Portugal. After that, I am planning on entering a tribute to Gianni Rodari which will also take place at the children's annual book fair. If any one of you knows of any other contests I should look into, I would be happy to hear your suggestions! Thanx xxxx

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