Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Secret Life of Toys

school children figurines

perhaps made of plasticine?

a toy soldier with his drum

a little prince who can't go back
to where he came from

a naughty little one making trouble with shoelace

can you see my face?

a boy skipping rope with an electrical wire
bEwARe, he may start a fire!

little bo beep is searching for her sheep
whilst humpty just can't ger any sleep

a little trio of parachuters end in a splat

well sadly,

that was the end of that!

and just in case your curious, here's the whole scene...
at least for now, you know what i mean?

This picture was part of an exercise at Sophie Blackall's workshop at Ilustratour in Valladolid; as shown in Sophie's video below.

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