Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tattered Heart

Now I can't give the whole story away, but let's just say that for the past months Lady ScatterTea ScaredyCat simply refuses to leave me alone. She keeps appearing in the strangest corners of my imagination and never fails to surprise me with her new anecdotes.
She chatters and scatters ever so much...
so much that I finally gave in
and agreed to write her very own book.

Like I said, I really must not give it all away just yet.
But I do wish to share with you on this lovely Sunday evening
a rather heart warming fragment of a story...
Just this, Lady ScatterTea ScaredyCat, though she may only be
a sarecrow, has a heart.
And it's not any old heart,
it's a wonderful patchwork of torn tatters,
scraps and shreds,
bits and pieces of so very many fragments
of patterns and textures;
each telling it's own story,
carrying within the threads its own past.

It's no wonder
Lady ScatterTea is so very melancholic,
carrying so many people's memories
in her little
tattered heart.

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