Saturday, April 18, 2009

"We are, in ways small and great,
The figure, the myths and legends
That we ourselves have invented.
Our dreams are self-portraits.
Our myths, our heroic legends,
Are the concealed autobiography
Of the human race 
And its struggle
Through darkness to light
And through higher darkness again...

Human kind cannot live long
With the notion
Or the reality
Of timelessness
Only in the mind.
Only in the spirit.

With us, things must have a beginning.
Theatre grew from ritual,
And ritual grew out of the silence.
Here, now, is an origin.
We are poised always at the threshold
Of an unknown, unwritten, unforeseen act.
Let's gather ourselves together,
Clear our minds,
Make ourselves present to ourselves
And to our age.
That we be focussed
On this stage.
That we concentrate.
And listen.
That we prepare ourselves
In seriousness
And with joy.
Let's be wonderfully awake
For what we are going to create,
To make happier,
In this mass co-scripting
Of the future."

Ben Okri Mental Fight (An Anti-Spell for the 21st Century)
from Time To Be Real Parts III & IV 

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